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    Palestine, Asia

    State of Palestine
    Country Indpendence: In contention
    Capital City: Ramallah

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    Russian diplomat, UNRWA commissioner-general discuss urgent aid for Palestine

    Overnight to May 21, after eleven days of missile strikes, the Egypt-brokered ceasefire in the Gaza Strip came into force..

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    la Repubblica

    Cisgiordania, scontro con forze israeliane: uccisi tre palestinesi

    Due erano membri delle forze di sicurezza dell'Anp, il terzo era ricercato dallo Stato ebraico. Gli scontri fra militari sono rari: possibili conseguenze politiche..

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    Yahoo News

    Bella Hadid shares 1939 photo of 'Palestine' soccer team entirely made of Jewish players

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    Russia open to organizing Israel-Palestine summit in Moscow, says Lavrov

    We actively work to achieve the soonest resumption of the Middle East Quartets efforts, Sergey Lavrov added..

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    Car Design

    Pro-Palestine ship blockade is the latest chapter in the Port of Oaklands activist history - The Oaklandside

    Pro-Palestine ship blockade is the latest chapter in the Port of Oaklands activist history  The Oaklandside..

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    Why Is Scientific American Shilling for Palestine?

    Jerry Coyne, Why Evo Is True Scientific American, which under the editorial guidance of Laura Helmuth has published a putrid piece of pure pro-Palestinian propaganda. It's an op-ed piece apparentl..

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    Sabrina Miller, Guido Fawkes

    Naz Shah Distances Herself from Antisemitism at Pro-Palestine Rally

    Since her suspension from the Labour Party was lifted in 2016, Naz Shah seemed to have genuinely learnt from her mistakes and put the nasty business of antisemitism behind her. That was until last wee..

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    Liz Lightfoot, Religion

    ‘Serious concerns: UK education row as Israel-Palestine textbooks pulled

    Fears children not being educated on conflict amid claims of bias in content of history textbooksThe government has warned schools to ensure a balanced presentation of opposing views on the conflict b..

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