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    Lithuania, Europe

    the Republic of Lithuania
    Country Indpendence: Yes
    Capital City: Vilnius

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    The Violin Channel

    Candidates Announced for Lithuania's 2021 Heifetz Violin Competition

    The 2021 International Jascha Heifetz Competition for Violinists announced its 42 opening round candidates. The candidates are: Yoshie Okura Japan Mayu Ozeki Japan Ugnė Katinskaitė Lithuania Pau..

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    RT, Russia Today

    Lithuanian MEP who sold ‘healing water to cure Covid under fire over rant about what transgender women have ‘under thei

    A controversial Lithuanian politician faces pressure in Brussels after releasing a video in which he slammed LGBT people as “perverts and deviants,” and said that life was getting harder and harder fo..

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    RT, Russia Today

    Rebranding Belarus: Exiled opposition figurehead Tikhanovskaya asks Lithuania to rename her country to eliminate Russian

    For years, Belarus has been one of the countries least widely known outside of Eastern Europe. While the reasons for that are complicated, confusion over its Russian-sounding name cant have helped it..

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    Death of Lithuanian referee Zygmantas Rybinas shocks judo world

    The international refereeing judo community was shaken by a painful loss. Lithuanian Zygmantas Rybinas passed away at the age of 30 years on Monday. Rybinas was a well-known international judo referee..

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