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    Today in Denmark


    Weapons and IS flag found amid bomb attack arrests in Denmark and Germany, say police

    Authorities in Germany and Denmark initially announced eight arrests on Thursday and detained six others on Friday...

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    Al Arabiya English

    Seven arrested in Denmark, Germany over alleged terrorist attack plan

    Seven people were arrested in Denmark on suspicion of attempting to make explosives and planning terrorist attacks, police said, after a joint law enforcement operation between Denmark and..

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    Denmark's IOTUNN Launches “The Tower Of Cosmic Nihility” Video

    On February 26, Denmark's Iotunn will release their new album, Access All Worlds, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the new single, The Tower Of Cosmic Nihility ..

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    Denmarks Melodi Grand Prix 2021: The Eight Songs Competing!

    Ok, so what are Denmark doing this year? As with recent years, it’ll be one big final. Although this year there are slightly less songs competing – eight. Is last year’s act returnin..

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    Sky News

    Denmark to boost defence of Arctic with drones

    Lawmakers in Denmark have agreed to spend the equivalent of £176m on improving its defence capabilities in the Arctic...

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    Anna Domanska, Industry Leaders Magazine

    Denmark to create Holmene, the worlds first energy islands

    The Holmene island hub will be funded both by the Denmarks government and companies in the private sector that will partner with it. The cost of the energy islands in Denmark could go north of $34 bi..

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    By Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

    Denmark says it has U.K. coronavirus variant under control, for now

    But the progress has been hard won and could be temporary...

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    Bobbie Johnson, MIT Technology Review

    Why Denmarks “corona passport” is more of a promise than a plan

    When acting Danish finance minister Morten Bødskov announced last week that Denmark would soon launch a digital “corona passport,” the news spread rapidly around the world. For many, the promise of an..

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    FE team, Fashion Editorials

    Dennis Stenild for ELLE Denmark with Rawiyaa Madkouri

    Photographer: Dennis Stenild at See Management. Fashion Stylist: Fatimah Gabriella. Hair & Makeup: Jan Stuhr. Casting: Sheri Chiu. Model: Rawiyaa Madkouri at Elite Copenhagen.The post Dennis Steni..

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    Bonface Landi, Inhabitat

    Denmark's artificial island for green energy to power 3M homes

    The government of Denmark has approved plans for an artificial island in the North Sea to act as a clean energy hub for the country...

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