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    Today in Belize

    Fox News

    Socialite Jasmine Hartin walks past shrine to top Belize cop she is charged with fatally shooting

    Socialite Jasmine Hartin checked into a Belize police station as part of her bail conditions this week — strolling right past a shrine to the cop she is charged with shooting dead, photos obtained Fri..

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    National Post Staff, National Post

    Canadian woman who shot police superintendent in Belize granted bail, leaves prison

    Jasmine Hartin allegedly confessed to shooting a police officer in the back of the head with his weapon, saying it accidentally discharged when testing her 'gun skills'..

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    Peter Aitken, Fox News

    Slain Belize police chief's family pursues lawsuit, socialite suspect released on bail

    The family of Belizes murdered police superintendent intends to pursue a wrongful death suit against a socialite who has been charged in his death...

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    Luke Harding, The Guardian

    Ashcroft daughter-in-law given bail in Belize over officers shooting

    Canadian Jasmine Hartin, charged with manslaughter by negligence, freed after eight days behind barsThe daughter-in-law of the Conservative party donor Michael Ashcroft has been released on bail in Be..

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    Sky News

    Daughter-in-law of Lord Ashcroft granted bail after policeman shot dead in Belize

    The daughter-in-law of Conservative grandee Lord Ashcroft has been granted bail of $30,000 Belize dollars £10,500...

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    Yahoo News

    British Billionaires ‘Killer Daughter-in-Law Gets Bail in Belize

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