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    FE Online, Financial Express

    Climate Change: Antarcticas Pine Island glacier inching towards sea collapse at fast rate

    The Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica in the Southern hemisphere has been losing its snow-mass at an extremely fast rate since 2017...

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    Google News

    The Southern Ocean In Antarctica Becomes World's Fifth Official Ocean - NPR

    The Southern Ocean In Antarctica Becomes World's Fifth Official Ocean  NPRNational Geographic adds 5th ocean to world map  Yahoo News5 oceans? National Geographic adds one more..

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    Tess McClure in Christchurch, The Guardian

    New Zealands Māori may have been first to discover Antarctica, study suggests

    Oral histories suggest the Polynesian explorer Hui Te Rangiora travelled to the region in the seventh century Māori may have been the first to discover Antarctica, with connections to the icy continen..

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    New Zealand's Maori may have discovered Antarctica 1,300 years before Westerners, study says

    For decades, historians and scientists believed Antarctica was first discovered by Europeans and Americans. But according to a new study, it may have been New Zealand's indigenous Maori people who..

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    News24 | Earth has a 5th ocean, says National Geographic, which upgraded status of waters around Antarcti

    Many scientists have been using the Southern Ocean name for years, but international bodies have been slow to make it official...

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    Yahoo News

    Earth now has a 5th ocean, according to National Geographic, which upgraded the status of the waters around Antarctica

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